New Committee Forming

Based on feedback received through the Members of the Association, the Board of Directors has decided to form an Association Committee and are looking for interested members to contribute to improving the communication and transparency within the Association.


While there is a limited number who can be appointed to the Committee, we want to hear from you.

All voices will be heard.

Please remember that this is a volunteer Board and we are each dedicated to our Association.

This is a step toward more open communication and transparency.

That said, the Board asks for patience in responding to you.

Please contact Bonnie Liptak, via email, subject line, “Association Committee”:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Country Club Estates Home Owners’ Association Committee Charter

The purpose of the Association Committee is to review the expenses during the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and make recommendations to the Country Club Estates Board of Directors regarding the prudent and effective operations of Beach and Piers services provided to the Association.

Authority and Responsibilities
The Authority and Responsibilities of this Committee is to review overall performance and operations of Beach and Piers services and develop recommendations to the Board.

Education and Information Sharing
The Committee will report to the Board and Association on performance and operations of Beach and Piers services provided to the Association.

Oversight of Implementation
Adhering to the Bylaws and based on the Committee’s recommendations and implementation strategy for improving the Beach and Piers services provided, the Board will determine how best to move forward.

Evaluate Performance
The Committee will evaluate their own performance against the Mission of the Committee and Association Bylaws, make recommendations to the Board for future Committees.

Review of Charter
This charter shall be reviewed and reassessed by the Association Committee after the performance and operations of the Beaches and Piers have been reviewed and any proposed changes submitted to the Board for approval.

Membership/StructureThe Association committee shall consist of at least five but no more than seven members.   The committee chair shall be the Board Member overseeing Piers & Beaches.  The Board President will be an ex-oficio member(non-voting) of the Committee.  Committee Members will be selected by the Board.  Members will include:  Slip renter and or Wait lister, Golfer and Neither Golfer nor Boater.  In addition, Committee members should be: a resident of CCE for at least 1 year, familiar with mooring at CCE, golf, time to commit to meetings, values consistency, fairness, honesty, willingness to ask for help and be open to Board & Association members.  Committee members also should to be willing to share information, adapt to change and not to take issues personally.

* Committee Members may be removed from service, at the discretion of the Board.

The Committee shall convene at least one time per month, but not more than twice a month between October and February, and present recommendations to the Board in March.  A quorum of any meeting of the Association Committee shall consist of a majority of its voting members.  Committee members may participate by teleconference.  Committee meetings are open to all Members of the Country Club Estates Homeowners Association.  Association members may bring comments to the committee by contacting the Committee Chair at least 5 days before the next scheduled Committee meeting.  Anyone wishing to comment during the course of the meeting must be recognized by the chairperson.  Scheduled meetings will be posted on the Country Club Estates Home Owners’ Association website.

Agenda, Minutes, and Reports
The chair shall be responsible for establishing the agendas for meetings.  An agenda, together with relevant materials, shall be sent to Committee members at least 3 days in advance of the meeting.  Minutes for all meetings shall be drafted by the Board Member, reviewed & approved by the Committee and published & posted on the Country Club Estates Home Owners’ Association website and shared with the CCE Board.  Minutes may be approved digitally and will be published by the Committee Chair.